Wilson...Wade Wilson


Indy said...


I thought I would never live to see the day that I'd see Deadpool as Bond...James Bond. The black tux goes nicely with the red costume.

You and Mr. Wilson have wonderful taste, and it ain't all your mouths!!!

Sincerely yours always,


Wardfolio said...

Bunches of thanks to you all! And LOL @ Indy!

Indy said...

Dear Shaun:

Good afternoon from Canada!!! I hope this finds you and yours well.

I was sorry to hear that you're leaving DeviantArt. That came a couple of days after I put you on my watch list!!! :(

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decided to do next, and, hey, visit once in a while, eh, so we know you're still alive?

Live long and prosper, take car and thank you kindly!!!

Sincerely yours always,


Wardfolio said...

Thank you so much Indy! You're one of the nice ones from Deviant. Even though I don't post any artwork on their anymore, I still watched you and will check you out from time to time. Thanks again! :)